Naturally complete meals.

Plant-based bowls and shakes. No additives.

Daily Plant Power

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"Eating healthier and having more time for the things I care about."

Prepared Within Seconds

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"Good food is the best investment in my body."

And Still Delicious

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Customer Voices

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"I feel full, but light and focused after a forsuperheroes breakfast 🤗"

- Vaitea

"As an airline pilot, I need a reliable source of quick , quality nutrition that can be travel as well as I do. A few pre portioned baggies of For Super Heroes is a must have item in my flight bag. "

- Matt

"extremely healthy but tasty - ideal if you don't have any fresh food at home, but still want to eat something healthy"

- Kira

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"Taking a look at the ingredients says it all: this is completely made of real foods."

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