Our Mission

We want to create the ideal food for the future of humanity. We imagine this food to be as healthy as possible, while being easy to consume, tasty, and good for the planet. If humanity ever becomes multiplanetary, we want them to be able to take the best foods from planet earth on their journey.

Our Story

It all started with three friends working on a tech startup.

The days were long, we slept little, and did little breaks. We tried to work as much as possible. Even while eating. Any minute cooking felt like we should rather work. So we ended up eating junk food way too often.

Only a few months in, we looked 10 years older and felt horrible. Focus started to become an issue and we felt tired all the time.

During a checkup, one of us noticed that his cholesterol and triglycerides went through the roof. A sign of alert. Other markers for kidney health, insulin resistance, and inflammation also indicated that something was wrong.

There we were, eager to build a better future through technology, but sacrificing our own health to do so. This couldn't be it. We had to face reality: doing great things is not a sprint. Life is a long-term game and we had to play it right.

There were so many things we all still planned to do, so many experiences to be made on this wonderful planet. We couldn't continue to sacrifice our own health. We had to act. Now.

We started doing in-depth tests of our blood biomarkers, our DNAs, blood glucose after eating, and sleep quality. We read every paper and book we could find on the foods that could help us living healthier and longer.

We stopped eating animal products and the highly processed sh** that was offered at every corner. Instead, we prepared our meals ourselves from whole-food plant-based ingredients. Everyday.

Simon, who had the worst results of all of us during his last checkup, did another checkup. Unbelievable: Cholesterol and triglycerides looked like a teenager, blood sugar after foods dropped to normal levels and other values recovered as well.

We all started to feel better, look healthier, sleep better, and energy and focus kicked back in.

But there was one thing that bothered us: Now we lived healthier, but we spent hours cooking and preparing our foods at home. We had to go for groceries every second day and buy bulks of expensive organic-foods. And if, for some reason we wouldn’t consume them in an instant, they would wither and go bad within days.

Buying, carrying, cutting, cooking, storing, and taking the food to the office was such a pain. How could anyone live healthy without losing a ton of money and time? Moreover implementing the new habits wasn’t easy neither.

At every corner there would be the seducing scent of some juicy burger, kebab or fried rice. What should we do? Continue like this? For the next 80 years? What about our time and productivity? We did all this to have more time at the end of our lives, but now we had less of it every day. What a hustle!

We had to change something. We had to make it easier, less time-consuming.

We started to do research again. What vegetables and fruits contained the most vitamins and minerals? What are the most important phytonutrients? How can vegetables and fruits be stored for weeks and months without adding any chemicals? What is the best way to process foods in a gentle way that preserves all the healthy nutrients?

After weeks of doing our homework, we finally came up with a formula for a whole-food plant-based meal composed of 19 gently freeze-dried and powdered superfoods. The ingredients were already incredible, but the taste was... urgh ****

So we spent weeks in a kitchen, reinventing the formula, test-eating the resulting prototypes and improving the formula again and again...

And finally we had it: Our final formula with a nice taste and great ingredients. We tested the new formula on ourselves, with friends, and with our families. We knew this was something valuable when pilot testers came back to ask us if they could get more. The idea for ForSuperHeroes was born.

Our Production

We produce ForSuperHeroes with much love by ourselves and by hand in a Berlin based food manufactory. If you have any questions about the production or ingredients you can just send us an e-mail to support@forsupereroes.com.

Our Values

We think food should be...

... be healthy

We only use unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to create the right balance of proteins, micronutrients and calories.

... be sustainable

We only use vegetable ingredients that are harvested, dried and pulverized mainly during their season to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

.. providing delight

To allow you to enjoy ForSuperHeroes every day, we've developed a naturally sweet and pleasant taste that requires no sugar or additives.

... be easy

Even on a stressful day, healthy food should be available more easily and quickly than unhealthy alternatives.

... should have exclusively natural vitamins and minerals

Conventional drinking meals rely on artificially added vitamins and minerals. Recent studies indicate that artificial vitamins are often ineffective and sometimes even harmful, so we optimize the vitamin content of our meals by using only natural ingredients.

... should not have sugar, maltodextrin other additives.

Conventional drinking meals add sugar, maltodextrin or additives to their products to make them taste sweeter, look better or last longer. We believe that health aspects always should have first priority, therefore we do not use such ingredients.