Our Goal

Fueling Your Day. Sustainably & Healthily

Our Values

Scientific evidence first

First and foremost we design our formulas based on the results of scientific studies. Check out the science section for more information.

Designed for longevity

Good habits lead to a healthier and longer life span. We try to make healthy nutrition habits as easy and affordable as possible.


We all have only one planet - we carefully develop and source with that in mind.

Honest products

We don't add any artificial additives in our products. All ingredients are carefully selected from natural sources.

The team behind ForSuperHeroes

Our Story

How everything began

Good nutrition but little time?

When the three of us were working on a Neurotech start-up in 2019, one thing became clear to us: it is extremely difficult to eat really healthy - especially if you are very busy. We wanted to eat as healthy as possible, but we didn't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen cooking. So we looked for a solution.

The problem we aim to solve

" Healthy nutrition in everyday life,
next to impossible. "

Science meets flavor

We've read over 900 nutritional studies and mixed the first prototypes in our own kitchen. Although the first versions already met most of our scientific criteria, the taste was still... shall we say, not as delicious.

But with each version we improved the taste and the composition. Over time, we implemented more and more findings from the latest studies about the microbiome, chronic inflammation and nutrition.

In early 2020, we founded Stellar Foods, the company behind the ForSuperHeroes brand.

The Team


Fabio, is our CTO (Chief Flavor Officer). He's a real all-rounder, and there's nothing he can't do, from programming to website creation to product design - he always rocks! In his spare time he is a loving Sci-Fi fan and Meme-Lord. There is probably no sci-fi movie he has not seen yet ;)


Simon, is our chief science officer. During his work as a doctor, he realized how broken the health system is and that nutrition, microbes and inflammation are at the heart of health and illness. He is Elon's biggest fan and enjoys playing a game of table football.


Friedrich, is our chief strategy officer. He manages all this, is a gifted copywriter and marketing expert. He loves bouldering and hiking in nature and recently surprised us by suddenly being able to make fluent small talk in Mandarin.

Our Mission

We want to combine the best of science and nature. Our mission is to translate the latest studies on nutrition, microbiome and longevity into practical and tasty food.

Our vision

Stellar Foods, the company behind the forsuperheroes brand, plans to grow and expand to make this planet a healthier place. We plan to participate in several studies in the future and constantly improve our products.

Our long-term vision is to produce more different types of products that prevent diseases and eventually develop special formulations for therapeutic purposes such as cardiovascular diseases, unhealthy high blood lipids and pre-diabetes. In this way we want to leave a positive impact on health and society.

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